Over the years as a journalist, I’ve covered many stories about crime, car crashes, suicides, domestic violence and poverty. “Why can’t you write about something positive?” my husband, a fellow journalist, often asked.

I wrote about these stories because they needed to be told. Many of the articles changed laws and lives.

But along with my serious newspaper stories, I have had some fun during my career. I joined a circus (for a day), interviewed blood-thirsty vampires, and motored through the Florida Everglades hunting for red-eyed alligators.

I have also written about motherhood and the joys, demands, and angst of parenting.

From Failure to Pulitzer

Covering Teen Suicide: One Paper’s Decision

Reporting compelling stories about ordinary teens

Mental Illness: Reporting on Maine’s Most Vulnerable Children

A Stolen Soul

Sticking My Neck Out With Vampires
Published Sunday, August 22, 1993 in Sunshine Magazine for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Raising Maine – stories about motherhood and family

Yankee Quill speech October 2007, Boston
I thought writing this speech would be difficult but it turned out trying to figure out what to wear was even tougher. My six-year-old daughter Nora informed me with every outfit I tried on, “That looks super weird Mommy.”
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