Pulitzer Prize Author Looking to Shoot Movie in Newfoundland

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Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Barbara Walsh talks about August Gale

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and her dad, Ronald Walsh, talk about August Gale

Maine Author Researches Hurricane, Discovers Family’s Stormy Past

Barbara Walsh talks about reporting on the Willie Horton story, an investigation that affected the 1988 presidential election and earned a Pulitzer Prize.

August Gale YouTube book trailer:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONljYmjkeis”>Barbara Walsh talks about why she wrote August Gale, the most challenging story of her career.

Kirkus Reviews:
Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Walsh explores the ties that bound her own family despite death and desertion. The author writes about the almost mythic heroism of her ancestors, tough, hard-drinking fishermen who had emigrated from Ireland to Marystown, Newfoundland.
The eponymous storm provides the thread that holds the story together and serves as a metaphor for her father’s stormy childhood. A celebration of traditional family values and reconciliation.
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“Like The Perfect Storm, Barbara Walsh’s book vividly captures the fishermen who fought for their lives in an unforgiving sea. Her quest to redeem and understand her grandfather is a powerful story that will resonate with fathers, daughters and sons. August Gale is a haunting journey that readers will long remember.” – Kate Braestrup, New York Times bestselling author of Here If You Need Me.

“A wonderfully written tale of the sea and a far flung village of people surviving on the edge of the world, Barbara Walsh has plucked a historical event out of time and filled it with an emotional breadth rarely found in documentary or memoir writing.” – Jonathon King, Edgar Award-winning mystery author.

“Barbara Walsh’s lyrical story of her father and their journey into the tempest is gripping, heartwarming – and memorable. A terrific read.” – Jackie MacMullan, former Sports Illustrated and Boston Globe writer and author of Magic and Bird: Basketball’s Awed Couple.

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